Tynnyrkari Private
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Tynnyrkari Private and Haapasaari Islands have had their fare share of international conflict and intrigue. Haapasaari Islands as a part of frontier land between Sweden and Russia has always been a stage for wars. One of the biggest naval battles in the war between then super powers Sweden and Russia in 1789–1790, where held only 15 nautical miles from Tynnyrkari Private.

At the times British sea farers called Haapasaari Islands "Devils Rock", a name quite telling of the times. Islanders at those times gathered their living from piracy and smuggling, but also from more respectable trades of piloting, fishing and seamanship. Later the area staged battles between Finland and Russia in the WWII, of which a lot of fortifications can still be found on the islands.

In Tynnyrkari Private and Haapasaari Islands you can really sense the past since the area is full of reminders of history – ranging from the war monuments of Swedish-Russian wars to the summer retreats of Russian Tzars.