Tynnyrkari Private
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Tynnyrkari Private is situated in the south east corner of Finland, 10 km from the Russian border. The island is seven acres wide and boasts building permits of 2 600 m2 from which 600 m2 has been built on. It has three protected berths.

Tynnyrkari Private has several buildings from which main building is approximately 400 m2, boasting six bedrooms, salon, kitchen, salon and a sauna. A private villa with three bedrooms, kitchenette and washing room and a two bedroom log house. The island also has three separate buildings for food preparation and entertainment, two sauna buildings and five meter high bird watching tower.

The whole island is connected to mainland electricity network and furthermore it has an independent desalination system that provides fresh water. Tynnyrkari Private of course has a brown water system that meets all environmental standards.